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Redemption: Chapter One
Darkness was now all he could see. Silence, the one thing he could hear.
And yet, somehow, the memories persisted. A single being remained in his mind, her words of redemption echoing in the very depths of his thoughts, like some kind of damned dream. It didn't matter, he was dead anyway, right? No more to do. His purpose had been served and the galaxy was safe for the moment, or so one could assume.
He slowly began to feel… Something – prodding at his broken mind.  An immortal presence…  Perhaps a god? He didn't believe in such a thing. That's when he woke, gasping. The air was cool, and the world around him blurry beyond recognition… But he smelled one thing: metal. He couldn't move, no matter how hard he struggled to break free.  Vision had begun to clear up in the midst of his futile struggling and he could recognize what looked like machinery and artificial lighting. Hearing had returned and he could recognize one thing; that unmis
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1. I am stubbornly devoted to the characters I like, and get quite seriously upset if something is changed canonically by new writers about them.

2. I would really, really, REALLY like to be able to go to New Zealand some day.

3. My interests are very broad and strange, but you knew that.

4. I'm a biology nerd.

5. I'm a history nerd as well, and love to learn new things about it... Even if my own country's history honestly bores the hell out of me.

6. I take an extremely long time to play almost all of my games - even if they aren't hard or long, I just like to thoroughly enjoy them and learn everything I can in a game.

7.  Roleplaying is my favorite pass time (but not that kind).

8.  I have an also extremely broad range of musical taste, so there's not much that I don't like.

9. I rarely post journals because I feel it's annoying to post a crap load of journals... Even if I'm bored out of my skull.

10. There isn't one animal I actually can say I hate - even bugs.

And naoooooooooooooo...
1. :iconromeo-juliet:

2. :iconkibikayuki:

3. :iconchillsins:

4. :iconblitzwingslover:

5. :iconkorikage-ookami:

6. :iconluce-foxeh:

7. :icontoxicneon:

8. :iconthundertiel:

9. :iconstardust-charm224:

10. :iconmiharuakimoto:
  • Listening to: Gothkiller - Eisbrecher.
  • Reading: IMs.
  • Watching: Nothing.
  • Playing: [Prototype]
  • Eating: Nothing.
  • Drinking: Water.


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